Our brand

We are a Ecuadorian brand of leather and textile products.
We believe that our country has all the components to create and position large global brands.
Raw material of excellent level, innovative designs and a workforce that works on all details that
make a difference in the final product.
We believe in the quality and importance of differentiation in this vast universe.


It is one of the noblest raw materials in the world. We recovered the ecuadorian leather, we dress it of elegance and we filled it with excellence in every detail.



Accessories for clothing the man who wants to make a difference with his style and break the traditional schemes, maintaining sobriety and elegance in her attire.

Our Production

The quality is our DNA, we take care of every detail from the raw material, the production process by a large number of qualified craftsmen up to the packaging and marketing process.

División corporativa

Corporate Division

Our production capacity allows us to offer a personalized line for the business world, without leaving aside the quality and finish of the LEGERE brand. We invite you to offer your customers a concept with style for your corporate gifts.

Committed to Ecuador

Seeing the label on each of our products with the logo of “Ecuador ama la vida” makes us feel dynamic, full of enthusiasm, color and diversity, we live not only our project but of Ecuador.


Keep in touch

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