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  • The leather is preferred by the quality and the benefits it has provided as the last over, he did not wrinkle or out painting, etc. How to differentiate the synthetic?
    TOUCH IT! The leather has a smooth surface, usually rigid synthetic
    SMELL IT! Remember that leather is a natural odor.
    BURN IT! By burning the back of the garment fiber you can identify what kind of leather it is. If it gives off a pungent odor is leatherette.

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  • Drop the tie has to finish up to the middle button of his trousers or something lower, but never higher. It is advisable to get a contrast to the rest of the set to choosing its color, without attracting too much attention.

  • Remember that you put what you put, you must keep good taste, without losing your personal style. Sometimes dressing up, regardless of the details is often not very elegant.